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Dov Schwartz

Birthpangs of the HomelandBirthpangs of the Homeland
David Ohana

Who Should Be Remembered?Who Should Be Remembered?
Mooli Brog

Luttons-nous pour la justice?Luttons-nous pour la justice?
Weil Simone Edited by Translated by Yehuda Don

The Book of Direction to the Duties of the Heart by R. Bahya Ibn PaqudaThe Book of Direction to the Duties of the Heart by R. Bahya Ibn Paquda
Binyamin Abrahamov

The Ecology of LiteratureThe Ecology of Literature
Avidov Lipsker

Nana Ariel

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Jewish Political Tradition throughout the AgesAdd to Cart
Jewish Political Tradition throughout the Ages
In Memory of Prof. Daniel Elazar
Edited By Moshe Helinger
August 2010   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20157   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

In the past few years there has been a burst of interest in Jewish political tradition, focusing particularly on basic related issues. Even though the subject has been dealt with at length, there is still a lac...

Price: $49.00 Internet Price: $42.00

Sociology and Political Science

Kenishta: Studies of the Synagogue World 4 Add to Cart
Kenishta: Studies of the Synagogue World 4
Edited By Joseph Tabory
April 2010   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10596   In Stock

`` Kenishta is a series devoted to the scholarly study of synagogue life. Since the destruction of the Second Temple until recent times, the synagogue has been the focus of Jewish life, serving both as a place for Jews to gather for prayer, and ...

Price: $39.00
Internet Price: $33.00
Talmud and Rabbinic Literature

Scripturally EnslavedAdd to Cart
Scripturally Enslaved
Bible Politics, Slavery, and the American Renaissance
By Shaindy Rudoff
November 2009   Danacode 110-20144   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

investigates the ways in which the literature of the American Renaissance negotiates the ethical, theological, political, and aesthetic implications of the Bibles entanglement in the mid-nineteenth-century debates over slavery. By examining th...

Price: $35.00 Internet Price: $30.00


Exploring Ta`aniotAdd to Cart
Exploring Ta`aniot
Yerushalmi, Tractate Ta`anit - Forming and Redacting the Traditions
By Nurit Beeri
July 2009   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20141   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

The book is an interpretation of the creation, formation and redaction of tractate Ta`anit in the Palestinian Talmud. It explores the voices heard in the text: the quoted amora, the transmitter of the tradition, and the anonymous voice the stam...

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Talmud and Rabbinic Literature

Yefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on HoseaAdd to Cart
Yefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on Hosea
Annotated Edition, Hebrew Translation and Introduction
By Meira Polliack Eliezer Schlossberg
June 2009   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20137   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

The book presents a critical annotated edition of Yefet's central work on biblical prophecy, containing an extensive Introduction, the Judaeo-Arabic source text of Yefet's translation and commentary on Hosea.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Biblical Studies

Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story 2Add to Cart
Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story 2
Sippur Okev Sippur
Edited By Yoav Elstein Avidov Lipsker Rella Kushelevsky
May 2009   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20134   In Stock

This is the second volume of the Encyclopedia of the Jewish Story, which studies the development of narratives in Jewish literature throughout the ages. This volume adds twelve new entries to the nine entries that appeared in the first volume. A...

Price: $45.00
Internet Price: $38.00

The Jews of TunisiaAdd to Cart
The Jews of Tunisia
Heritage, History, Literature
Edited By Ephraim Hazan Haim Sa'adon
March 2009   Danacode 110-20131   In Stock

A collection of interdisciplinary studies on the Jews of Tunisia. The 22 articles by foremost scholars from Israel and from abroad encompass a wide variety of fields such as: rabbinic literature, history of Tunisian Jewry throughout the ages, co...

Price: $39.00 Internet Price: $33.00

History Jewish History

Jews at the CrossroadsAdd to Cart
Jews at the Crossroads
The Jewish Identity Discourse between Crisis and Renewal: 1908-1926
Edited By Guy Miron Anna Szalai
August 2008   Paperback   Danacode 110-20123   In Stock

This book is based on translated articles by Hungarian Jewish writers and thinkers as well as interviews with them. The articles express different views on Jewish identity in Hungary. The attitudes articulated in the articles reflect avariety o...

Price: $25.00 Internet Price: $21.00

Criticism Culture and Interpretation

A World Hidden in the Dimensions of TimeAdd to Cart
A World Hidden in the Dimensions of Time
The Theory of Redemption in the Writings of the Vilna Gaon: Its Sources and Influence on Later Generations
By Raphael Shuchat
May 2008   Danacode 110--20120   Last Copies View (free) or purchase as electronic book

The Vilna Gaon`s writings are all commentaries, thus making it difficult to assess his views on the central issues of Judaism. Now, for the first time, one of the more controversial issues in the Gaon`s writings has been decoded: his views on th...

Price: $60.00 Internet Price: $51.00

Jewish Thought

Studies on the History of the Jews of AshkenazSubmit a Rare Title Request
Studies on the History of the Jews of Ashkenaz
Presented to Prof. Eric Zimmer
Edited By Gershon Bakon Daniel Sperber Aharon Gaimani
May 2008      Danacode 110-20121   Out of Stock

The volume deals with two main areas: religious customs of Ashkenaz and Jewish leadership in Ashkenaz in medieval and early modern times. The articles on customs examine the history of customs in early Ashkenaz in particular, and the development...

History Jewish History

On Repentance and RedemptionAdd to Cart
On Repentance and Redemption
Edited By Dov Schwartz Ariel Gross
May 2008   Danacode 110-20119   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

Collection of articles dealing with different views on Repentance and Redemption from a philosophic perspective. The collection focuses on theapproach of Jewish philosophers, beginning with the teachings of Rav Yosef Albo and the Maharal of Pra...

Price: $45.00
Internet Price: $38.00
Jewish Thought

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