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Between Philosophy and LiteratureBetween Philosophy and Literature
Adi Parush

Alei Sefer 28Alei Sefer 28
Edited by
Gila Prebor Dov Schwartz

Bar-Ilan Law Studies 31-3 Bar-Ilan Law Studies 31-3
Edited by
Lior Mishaly-Shlomai

Religious Zionism 2Religious Zionism 2
Edited by
Dov Schwartz

Hebrew in Light of LogicHebrew in Light of Logic
Kahan Moshe

Discours de métaphysique * Correspondance avec ArnauldDiscours de métaphysique * Correspondance avec Arnauld
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Translated by Ariel Gross

Burning Scrolls and Ascending LettersBurning Scrolls and Ascending Letters
Shmuel Zanvel Kahana Edited by Zohar Maor Na’ama Maor

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Babylonian AmoraimSubmit a Rare Title Request
Babylonian Amoraim
Aspects of Economic Life
By Moshe Beer
January 1986   Paperback   Danacode 110-10004   Out of Stock

The most comprehensive discussion to date on economic life in Jewish Babylonia during this period (100-500 C.E.).

Price: $20.00 Internet Price: $17.00


Conflict and Consensus in Jewish Political LifeAdd to Cart
Conflict and Consensus in Jewish Political Life
Edited By Eliezer Don-Yehiya Stuart Cohen
January 1986   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10154   In Stock

What are the issues that tend to generate tension in Jewish political life? How have the consequent communal struggles been resolved in the past, and how are they treated today? The essays in this volume address these and allied questions by ana...

Price: $10.00
Internet Price: $25.00
Sociology and Political Science

Lehi Revealed (be-Tzet Lehi me-ha-Mahteret)Submit a Rare Title Request
Lehi Revealed (be-Tzet Lehi me-ha-Mahteret)
Minutes of the Conference of the Fighters for the Freedom of Israel (March 1949)
Edited By Pinchas Ginossar
January 1985   Paperback   Danacode 110-10021   Out of Stock

The edited minutes of the only convention ever held by the Lehi movement (Lohamei Herut Yisrael) provide the most authoritative source of the opinions of its 120 members at the birth of the State of Israel. The inaccuracy of the stereotypes assi...

Price: $15.00 Internet Price: $13.00


Resistance and Tradition in Mandatory PalestineSubmit a Rare Title Request
Resistance and Tradition in Mandatory Palestine
By Hilda Schatzberger
January 1985   Paperback   Danacode 110-10093   Out of Stock

The Irgun Zeva`i Leumi, Lehi and Hagana resis-tance organizations claimed from their very beginning that their resistance to the British authorities was sanctioned by Jewish tradition. This study examines the plausibility of their claim to repre...

Price: $15.00 Internet Price: $13.00


Pedut - Rescue in the HolocaustSubmit a Rare Title Request
Pedut - Rescue in the Holocaust
Texts and Studies
By Nathaniel Katzburg
January 1984   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10117   Out of Stock

Containing letters, memoirs and other documents as well as studies on various aspects of rescue activities during the Holocaust.

Price: $17.00 Internet Price: $14.00


The Kabbalah in YemenSubmit a Rare Title Request
The Kabbalah in Yemen
At the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century
By Moshe Hallamish
January 1984   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10071   Out of Stock
Price: $20.00
Internet Price: $17.00
Jewish Thought
The Ghetto of Rome in the Sixteenth CenturySubmit a Rare Title Request
The Ghetto of Rome in the Sixteenth Century
Ethnical and Social Conflicts
By Ariel Toaff
January 1984   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10050   Out of Stock

The Minute Book of the charitable foundation, Chevrah li-Gemiluth Chasadim (``Compagnia della Carita e Morte``) is the oldest ``pinkes`` preserved in the Jewish community of Rome (1559-1586), dating only a few years after the establishment of th...

Price: $40.00 Internet Price: $34.00


Bar-Ilan Studies in History II: Confrontation and Co-existenceAdd to Cart
Bar-Ilan Studies in History II: Confrontation and Co-existence
Edited By Pinchas Artzi
January 1984   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10138   In Stock

The title of this volume points to its central theme, all the articles treating this subject through the ages in conventional and unconventional contexts. The question asked: ``Is co-existence possible?`` is answered positively.

Price: $25.00 Internet Price: $21.00

Sale Price: $15.00


Hebrew Satire in Europe (be-Misterei-Hasatira) IAdd to Cart
Hebrew Satire in Europe (be-Misterei-Hasatira) I
The Nineteenth Century
By Yehuda Friedlander
January 1984   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10020   In Stock

The Haifa Municipality Avraham Kariv Prize in Literary Criticism, 1992. In this book the author illuminates the polemic-satiric elements of the works of Tuvia Feder, Meir Israel Bresselau and an anonymous writer. The texts of these satirical wor...

Price: $15.00
Internet Price: $20.00

The Failure of British Military Strategy within Palestine (1939-1947)Add to Cart
The Failure of British Military Strategy within Palestine (1939-1947)
By Bruce Hoffman
January 1983   Paperback   Danacode 110-10152   In Stock

Study of British documents on how the British authorities dealt with the outbreaks of violence in Eretz Israel during and after World War II.

Price: $14.00 Internet Price: $12.00

Sale Price: $8.00


American ApathyAdd to Cart
American Apathy
The Plight of Christian Refugees from Nazism
By Haim Genizi
January 1983   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10134   In Stock

A monograph based on archival sources that is focused on the apathetic - if not hostile -attitude of the American Christian communities over the rescue, relief and resettlement of non-Jewish refugees. Full details are given of all the principal ...

Price: $10.00
Internet Price: $22.00

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