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Between Philosophy and LiteratureBetween Philosophy and Literature
Adi Parush

Alei Sefer 28Alei Sefer 28
Edited by
Gila Prebor Dov Schwartz

Bar-Ilan Law Studies 31-3 Bar-Ilan Law Studies 31-3
Edited by
Lior Mishaly-Shlomai

Religious Zionism 2Religious Zionism 2
Edited by
Dov Schwartz

Hebrew in Light of LogicHebrew in Light of Logic
Kahan Moshe

Discours de métaphysique * Correspondance avec ArnauldDiscours de métaphysique * Correspondance avec Arnauld
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Translated by Ariel Gross

Burning Scrolls and Ascending LettersBurning Scrolls and Ascending Letters
Shmuel Zanvel Kahana Edited by Zohar Maor Na’ama Maor

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Kol-Bikhiot (A Voice of Lament)Submit a Rare Title Request
Kol-Bikhiot (A Voice of Lament)
By Judith T.Baumel
January 1992   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10312   Out of Stock

The book is devoted to prayer of the Holocaust period. It includes special prayers composed in occupied Europe and in the Free World on behalf of Jews under Nazism, and prayers in memory of Holocaust victims that were composed by authors from th...

Price: $35.00
Internet Price: $30.00

Jewish Settlement in the Hebron Mountains and the Etzion BlocAdd to Cart
Jewish Settlement in the Hebron Mountains and the Etzion Bloc
By Yossi Katz
January 1992   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10311   In Stock

Traces the development of Jewish settlements in Gush Etzion and in the area south of Bethlehem, and analyses the process of settlement at the end of the British Mandate.

Price: $20.00
Internet Price: $25.00

Bar-Ilan Studies in History III: Bar-Ilan Studies in Modern HistoryAdd to Cart
Bar-Ilan Studies in History III: Bar-Ilan Studies in Modern History
Edited By Michael Cohen
January 1991   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10307   In Stock

The articles in this volume were written by members of the Department of General History and by internationally-renowned guest contributors. Studies range across the Middle East, to Europe and the United States.

Price: $15.00
Internet Price: $17.00

Roman Palestine 200-400: Money and PricesAdd to Cart
Roman Palestine 200-400: Money and Prices
By Daniel Sperber
January 1991   Paperback   Danacode 110-10304   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

This volume examines a crucial period in Roman economic history in the light of contemporary evidence drawn from the vast corpus of rabbinic literature. From the series ``Bar-Ilan Studies in Near Eastern Languages and Culture``.

Price: $30.00 Internet Price: $26.00

Sale Price: $20.00


Israel and Diaspora JewryAdd to Cart
Israel and Diaspora Jewry
Ideological and Political Perspectives
Edited By Eliezer Don-Yehiya
January 1991   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10286   In Stock

A collection of essays and articles dealing with various aspects of Israel-Diaspora relations. The contributors are well-known authorities on the subject from Israel and abroad, as well as spiritual leaders of Diaspora Jewish com-munities. The u...

Price: $26.00 Internet Price: $22.00

Sale Price: $10.00

Sociology and Political Science

Studies in Hebrew Literature and Yemenite CultureAdd to Cart
Studies in Hebrew Literature and Yemenite Culture
Jubilee Volume Presented to Prof. Yehuda Ratzaby
Edited By Ephraim Hazan Judith Dishon
January 1991   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10299   In Stock

Articles on subjects of interest to Prof. Ratzaby in the fields of poetry and Piyyut, Yemenite Jewry, Sa`adia Gaon, Hebrew Language and Hebrew Literature. The book represents the latest discoveries by leading scholars in each of these areas and ...

Price: $20.00
Internet Price: $29.00

Intelligence and Espionage in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine (1913-1918)Add to Cart
Intelligence and Espionage in Lebanon, Syria and Palestine (1913-1918)
by Azia Bek
By Eliezer Tauber
January 1991   Paperback   Danacode 110-10306   In Stock

A critical edition of the memoirs of the Chief of the Ottoman Intelligence Service in the Levant during World War I. The book discusses the Turkish version of the break-up of the clandestine organization Nili and also refers to other Jewish esp...

Price: $10.00
Internet Price: $14.00

Iraqi Jews in IsraelAdd to Cart
Iraqi Jews in Israel
Social and Economic Integration
By Tova Bensky Tikva Lecker-Darvish Yehuda Don Ernst Krausz
January 1991   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10297   In Stock

Prize of the Association for the encouragement of research, literature and art among Iraqi Jews in Israel, 1995 An examination of the arduous course of the social and economic integration of the Iraqi Jewish community in Israel. The eventual ou...

Price: $20.00
Internet Price: $25.00

Religious Public Education in IsraelAdd to Cart
Religious Public Education in Israel
A Research Perspective
By Yosef Schwarzwald
January 1990   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10253   In Stock

This book surveys 30 years of research on religious public education, examining its policies, problems, solutions, successes and weaknesses, from educational, psychological and sociological viewpoints. From the series "Schnitzer Foundation ...

Price: $10.00
Internet Price: $20.00
Psychology and Education

Alei Shefer: Studies in the Literature of Jewish ThoughtSubmit a Rare Title Request
Alei Shefer: Studies in the Literature of Jewish Thought
Jubilee Volume presented to Rabbi Dr. Alexandre Safran
Edited By Moshe Hallamish
January 1990   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10284   Out of Stock

The essays in this volume are devoted to the study of diverse trends in Jewish thinking, comprising Rabbinic Thought, Medieval and Modern Jewish Philosophy, Kabbalah and Hasidism.

Price: $45.00
Internet Price: $38.00
Jewish Thought

`massada`Submit a Rare Title Request
The Defence of Palestine during World War II
Edited By Yoav Gelber
January 1990   Paperback   Danacode 110-10282   Out of Stock

This study discusses British and Jewish defence plans for Palestine Jewry, against the threatened invasion by the Axis Powers. Includes a collection of sources from British and Jewish archives.

Price: $18.00
Internet Price: $15.00

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