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Home PageHistory Bar-Ilan Studies in History V: Leadership in Times of Crisis
From Category - History
Bar-Ilan Studies in History V: Leadership in Times of Crisis
Edited By Moises Orfali
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The present volume examines individuals and groups that have influenced their times and societies in what Sidney Hook, the philosopher, defined in his book, The Hero in History, as someone who has had a profound impact on the history of his country and the world.
Historical research no longer favors histories written about individuals who ``made`` history. With the development of the sociological point of view, more and more historians devoted themselves to the cultural, economic and geographic conditions which, by implication, ``made`` history. And yet sociologists are still fascinated by the concept of leadership in its various models and manifestations, and its varying efficacy.
Times of crisis are the making or unmaking of a leadership. The present volume examines this theme in great depth and variety, encompassing a time span from classical Athens to the second half of the 20th century, and moving through Europe, Asia, and the Americas. The fifteen crises under discussion are also diverse: wars, forced conversion, immigration, and social upheaval. Insights touch on military strategy and tactics, gender, political ideas and government, international relations, and religious establishment.
It is argued that true and effective leaders operate in a multidimensional framework that combines styles, skills, attributes and abilities that fall within management and leadership. The various researches in this volume suggest that there cannot be one all-encompassing model, definition or style of leadership.
Therefore, this volume will be of interest to the student of history as well as to the general reader. For the sociologist this book has special value in that it brings forth a wealth of phenomena that demand explanation before we can hope to develop a sociological understanding of leadership.

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ISBN: 965-226-310-9
Categories: History Bar-Ilan Studies in History English eBooks
Published: October 2007
Edition: First
Language: English
17X25 cm
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359 pages

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