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From Category - Jewish History
Recueil des coutumes et des traditions des communautés de Tafilalet / Sijilmassa
By Meyer Nezrit
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This book, the third of Dr. Meyer Nezrit's research and documentary project on the heritage of the Tafilalet / Sijilmassa communities, joins two of its predecessors which dealt with the entire work of philology and illuminated the history, customs, piyyutim, and sermons, and included annotated versions of Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic texts including Bar Mitzvah sermons, Passover Haggadah, Pirkei Avot, Tikkun Pesach (Tahir) and Haftarah for Tisha B'Av.
This volume includes only customs: personal, seasonal and societal, including the status of the woman and the customs of divorce and inheritance. The book has four parts: introductory chapters; a list of all Sephardi customs, including those shared by other communities; the unique customs of the Tafilalet communities with sources; and a chapter that compares their customs to the other Moroccan communities. The book also reviews the sources of influence on the Tafilalet customs: customs of the inhabitants of Fez, customs of the Land of Israel, Kabbalistic customs, rulings of the Rama and local regulations.

From the Critics
"Dr. Nezrit's work is a magnum opus on the customs of a single Moroccan community, a work so detailed in all its aspects ... with an emphasis on sources and the roots of its customs, and comparison with the customs of other communities in the same geographical and cultural region, local interviews, and accurate documentation of each and every detail, which constitutes an excellent model for the kind of investigation that other communities need. "
Prof. Daniel Sperber

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Danacode: 110-20241
ISBN: 978-965-226-485-5
Categories: Jewish History
Published: January 2018
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
17x24 cm
1000 gr
568 pages

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