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Education and Educators in Galilee Moshavot During the Yishuv Period 1882-1939
סדרת Zionism, Settlement and Building of the Land, Series Editor: Yossi Katz
By Yair Seltenreich
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The education system has played a particularly significant role in the shaping of the new Jew and the Yishuv in Eretz Israel. Indeed, its history was examined over the years with a focus on a variety of different aspects: its internal relationships; the setting of goals and values; designing identities and cultural meanings. Nevertheless, it seems that teachers and educators, who stood in the center of the system and ran it in practice, have remained until now in the sidelines in terms of research. This book seeks to offer a partial solution to this absence of educators themselves from the field of study.
The book deals with the early decades of modern Jewish education in the Land of Israel, with a focus on the educational framework in Galilee moshavot and several aspects therein: the figure of the educator himself; the teacher in his professional environment; and his persona in the social and geographical space in which he operated. Another aspect discussed in the book is the act of education itself, whose goal it was to mold the children into the “new Jew”, standing tall and laborers, in a continuing struggle with conservative worldviews. Accordingly, the five sections of the book deal with the historical context; the teacher’s character; school as a sphere of activities; educational practice itself; and finally the struggle between religion and secularism, as the school and the education field were a fascinating confrontation scene between them.
The unique contribution of this book is that it presents new questions, which have implications on the overall history of Jewish education in the first decades of settlement: interaction between teachers and parent environments; approaches to assessing students; creation of a ‘teacher’ identity and dealing with negative images of the 'teacher'; dynamics of enrichment and professionalism; perception of organizational establishment; school climate; and the tension between the different educational streams. All this in an era where ideology had a central and significant position, and pluralism and tolerance were marginal and much weaker.

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Danacode: 222-6929
Categories: Jewish History Psychology and Education Zionism, Settlement and Building of the Land - edited by Yossi Katz
Published: December 2014
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
16X24 cm
800 gr
472 pages

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