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Military Resistance in Late Mandatory Palestine
The Activities of the Jewish and Arab Military Organizations as Reflected in the Reports of High Commissioner General Sir Alan Cunningham
סדרת Underground and Resistance Studies
By Eliezer Tauber
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Military Resistance in Late Mandatory Palestine presents telegrams sent to London by High Commissioner General Sir Alan Cunningham about the activities of the Jewish and Arab military organizations in Palestine from early 1947 to mid-May 1948. The telegrams contained detailed daily reports on the situation in Palestine, with an emphasis on terrorist activities carried out by both Jews and Arabs, against the British and against each other. A significant portion of these documents was destroyed by the British after they had left Palestine, but was recovered especially for this edition.
In order to verify the contents of these reports, ascertain their accuracy, and evaluate the quality of the British intelligence in the last days of the Palestine mandate, a comparison was made between these reports and various Jewish and Arab sources. The contents of memoirs written by Hagana, IZL and LHI members, and by participants in the Arab organizations, were compared with that of the British documents, and the findings are brought in the notes following the documents, in order to provide a fuller and more accurate account of the events.
Prof. Eliezer Tauber is a world expert on the emergence of the Arab nationalist movements, the formation of the modern Arab states, and the early phases of the Arab–Israeli conflict. He has published many books and numerous journal articles about these topics. Professor Tauber is the Dean of the Faculty of Jewish Studies at Bar-Ilan University, and formerly was the founder and first chair of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies there and the director of the Institute for the Study of Underground and Resistance Movements.

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Danacode: 110-20180
ISBN: 978-965-226-413-8
Categories: Jewish History Underground and Resistance Studies History
Published: June 2012
Edition: First
Language: English
17x24 cm
900 gr
358 pages

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