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B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 35B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 35
ByEdited by
Ely Merzbach

Yefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on ZephaniahYefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on Zephaniah
Meira Polliack Eliezer Schlossberg

Ya'akov Shachewitz - A'Mind Miner' from the 1st 'Aliya'Ya'akov Shachewitz - A'Mind Miner' from the 1st 'Aliya'
Sara Ziv

Rabbi Shalom Shabazi: Revelations from a New ManuscriptRabbi Shalom Shabazi: Revelations from a New Manuscript
Aharon Gaimani

Criticism and Interpretation 46Criticism and Interpretation 46
ByEdited by
Tamar Wolf-Monzon Vered Tohar

Prolonged Singlehood among Religious ZionistsProlonged Singlehood among Religious Zionists
Ari Engelberg

And Now - A StoryAnd Now - A Story
Yossel Birstein Edited by Aminadav Routtenberg

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A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine PeriodAdd to Cart
A Dictionary of Jewish Palestinian Aramaic of the Byzantine Period
Third Revised and Expanded Edition
By Michael Sokoloff
March 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10710   In Stock

Contains the Aramaic vocabulary of the Jewish literary and epigraphic sources of Eretz Israel from the third century C.E. until the Arab Conquest, including Palestinian Talmud, Midrashim, Targumim and synagogue inscriptions.

Price: $150.00 Internet Price: $128.00


The Jewish Life Cycle: Addenda et CorrigendaAdd to Cart
The Jewish Life Cycle: Addenda et Corrigenda
Custom, Lore and Iconography: Jewish Customs for the Cradle to the Grave
By Daniel Sperber
December 2015   Paperback   Danacode 110-10696   In Stock

Addenda to the first edition of The Jewish Life Cycle.

Price: $8.00 Internet Price: $7.00

Publications in English

Introduction to Jewish Law in Talmudic TimesAdd to Cart
Introduction to Jewish Law in Talmudic Times
By Shalom Albeck
January 2014   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20208   In Stock

This book is an English translation of Albeck's important work, which first appeared in Hebrew in 1999, published by Bar-Ilan University Press.

Price: $75.00 Internet Price: $64.00


The Role of a Religious UniversityAdd to Cart
The Role of a Religious University
Edited By Yaacov Iram Yehuda Friedlander Shimon Ohayon
July 2013   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10660   In Stock

This study explores how religious identity and academic excellence intersect, using Bar-Ilan University and religious universities around the world as models of religious paradigms.

Price: $49.00 Internet Price: $42.00


Greek in Talmudic PalestineAdd to Cart
Greek in Talmudic Palestine
By Daniel Sperber
April 2012   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20181   In Stock

This study adds lexical entries to Krauss work, analyzes morphological changes in loaning between languages, examines dialectical characteristics and patterns of corruption, and explains many misunderstood passages in rabbinic literature.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Talmud and Rabbinic Literature

Agnon and GermanyAdd to Cart
Agnon and Germany
The Presence of the German World in the Writings of S. Y. Agnon
Edited By Hans Juergen Becker Hillel Weiss
May 2010   Danacode 110-20155   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

The book includes studies and research on Agnon`s work in Germany between the years 1913 to1924, during which time his art earned its classic status. The studies deal also with the influence of the German world and its culture on his entire b...

Price: $60.00 Internet Price: $51.00


Scripturally EnslavedAdd to Cart
Scripturally Enslaved
Bible Politics, Slavery, and the American Renaissance
By Shaindy Rudoff
November 2009   Danacode 110-20144   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

investigates the ways in which the literature of the American Renaissance negotiates the ethical, theological, political, and aesthetic implications of the Bibles entanglement in the mid-nineteenth-century debates over slavery. By examining th...

Price: $35.00 Internet Price: $30.00


The Jewish Life Cycle: Custom, Lore and IconographySubmit a Rare Title Request
The Jewish Life Cycle: Custom, Lore and Iconography
Jewish Customs from the Cradle to the Grave
By Daniel Sperber
May 2008   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20117   Out of Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

This book traces the sources, history and development of a broad variety of customs associated with the Jewish life cycle, from birth to death. It draws upon a vast repertoire of sources, both literary and pictorial, Jewish and non-Jewish, and p...

Talmud and Rabbinic Literature

Jewish Society and CultureAdd to Cart
Jewish Society and Culture
An Economic Perspective
Edited By Nava Kahana Tikva Lecker-Darvish Carmel Chiswick
August 2007   Danacode 110-20105   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

The papers in this collection are divided into three groups according to the ways in which economic methods are applied. Part I uses the analytical tools of economics to enrich our understanding ofJewish approaches to various activities and to...

Price: $35.00
Internet Price: $30.00

Philosophic MysticismAdd to Cart
Philosophic Mysticism
Studies in Rational Religion
By David Blumenthal
November 2006   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20099   In Stock View (free) or purchase as electronic book

This book compiles over thirty years of study, during which the author has articulated and developed the concept of ``philosophic mysticism``, that is, the type of mysticism that grows out of rigorous philosophical reflection but clearly alludes...

Price: $49.00
Internet Price: $42.00
Jewish Thought

Studies in Arabic and Islamic Culture IIAdd to Cart
Studies in Arabic and Islamic Culture II
Edited By Binyamin Abrahamov
May 2006   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20091   In Stock

The present volume deals mainly with the connections between Islam and Judaism in the spheres of philosophy and mysticism. It includes also articles on various subjects: ablution in Islamic Law, the appearance of Muhammad in Rasail Ikhwan al-Saf...

Price: $50.00 Internet Price: $42.00

Islamic Studies

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