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B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 35B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 35
ByEdited by
Ely Merzbach

Yefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on ZephaniahYefet Ben 'Eli's Commentary on Zephaniah
Meira Polliack Eliezer Schlossberg

Ya'akov Shachewitz - A'Mind Miner' from the 1st 'Aliya'Ya'akov Shachewitz - A'Mind Miner' from the 1st 'Aliya'
Sara Ziv

Rabbi Shalom Shabazi: Revelations from a New ManuscriptRabbi Shalom Shabazi: Revelations from a New Manuscript
Aharon Gaimani

Criticism and Interpretation 46Criticism and Interpretation 46
ByEdited by
Tamar Wolf-Monzon Vered Tohar

Prolonged Singlehood among Religious ZionistsProlonged Singlehood among Religious Zionists
Ari Engelberg

And Now - A StoryAnd Now - A Story
Yossel Birstein Edited by Aminadav Routtenberg

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The Motive in Criminal LawSubmit a Rare Title Request
The Motive in Criminal Law
By Elkana Laist
May 2018   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10726   Out of Stock

This book is intended for all interested in material penal law in general and in matters of criminal thought in particular. The book deals with the general irrelevance of the motive for substantive criminal law...

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Dorit Beinisch BookSubmit a Rare Title Request
Dorit Beinisch Book
Edited By Keren Azulai Ittai Bar-Siman-Tov Aharon Barak Shachar Lifshitz
January 2018   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10728   Out of Stock

This volume is dedicated to the late Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch.

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Spousal PropertySubmit a Rare Title Request
Spousal Property
By Shachar Lifshitz
August 2016   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10704   Out of Stock

This book deals with the legal regulation of property relations between spouses.

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Ben-Gurion and the ConstitutionSubmit a Rare Title Request
Ben-Gurion and the Constitution
By Nir Kedar
October 2015   Paperback   Danacode 110-10692   Out of Stock

The book sheds new light on the question of the Constitution and invites readers to think differently about the shaping of Israel as a democratic country

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Who Will Guard the Guardians of Law?Add to Cart
Who Will Guard the Guardians of Law?
Lawyers in Israel between the State, Market and Civil Society
By Neta Ziv
July 2015   Paperback   Danacode 110-10691   In Stock

A scrutiny of the law profession in Israel, this book explores its status on the one hand, and its professional and public responsibility on the other hand.

Price: $40.00 Internet Price: $34.00

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Laws and 'Other' AnimalsSubmit a Rare Title Request
Laws and 'Other' Animals
The Story of Pigs and Pork Prohibitions in Israel
By Daphne Barak-Erez
June 2015   Paperback   Danacode 110-10689   Out of Stock

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law
Housing Discrimination and Cultural GroupsSubmit a Rare Title Request
Housing Discrimination and Cultural Groups
Between Legal Walls and Social Fences
By Gershon Gontovnik
August 2014   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10680   Out of Stock

The book deals with a focused but complex question: When is a refusal to sell or rent a residential unit because of cultural identity (religion, race, nationality or ethnicity) legal?

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Methods of Acquisition and Commercial Customs in Jewish Law     Add to Cart
Methods of Acquisition and Commercial Customs in Jewish Law
Theory, Practice and History
By Ron S. Kleinman
February 2013   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20185   In Stock

The book’s interdisciplinary approach to merchant customs combines a scrutiny of the rabbinic literature, of ancient, medieval and modern legal systems, of lexicons and of other historical sources.

Price: $50.00 Internet Price: $42.00

Series Publication of the Faculty of Law

Citizen-Subject-ConsumerSubmit a Rare Title Request
Law and Government in a Changing State
By Daphne Barak-Erez
December 2012   Paperback   Danacode 625-1200823   Out of Stock

In the modern state, including Israel, participation of citizens in governmental decisions has been diluted considerably. Many important decisions are not made by elected representatives, but by an array of government officers, who are sometimes...


Criminal trends Submit a Rare Title Request
Criminal trends
By Eli Lederman Shai Lavi Karen Shapira - Ettinger
November 2010   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10608   Out of Stock

One Law for Man and WomanAdd to Cart
One Law for Man and Woman
Women, Rights and Law in Mandatory Palestine
Edited By Eyal Katvan Margalit Shilo Ruth Halperin-Kaddari
November 2010   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20156   Last Copies
Price: $49.00 Internet Price: $42.00


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