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From Category - Jewish Thought
On the Shoulders of Giants
The Debate between Moderns and Ancients in Medieval and Renaissance Jewish Thought
By Avraham Melamed
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This book traces the development of the debate between moderns (Aharonim) and ancients (Rishonim) in Medieval and Renaissance
Jewish thought, from Sa`adia Gaon to Spinoza. It concentrates on the evolution of the moderns` response to the authority of the ancients, and analyses in detail the philosophical and theological arguments the moderns developed in order to legitimize their right to criticize the ancients and advance human knowledge.

Title Details
Danacode: 110-20068
ISBN: 965-226-216-1
Categories: Jewish Thought Philosophy and Aesthetics Jewish History
Published: January 2003
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
17X25 cm
750 gr
335 pages

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