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Home Page Rechovot Ha-Nahar by Uri Zvi Greenberg
From Category - Literature
Rechovot Ha-Nahar by Uri Zvi Greenberg
Studies and Documents
Edited By Avidov Lipsker Tamar Wolf-Monzon
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This volume serves to revive the critical discussion of this work, regarded as one of the great summits of modern Hebrew poetry. The articles deal with the question of the poem`s validity as an historical document and the degree to which it represents the poetry of its period. Examined also is the work`s outstanding reception by the public, which led to the poet`s recognition by the establishment and his return to the national consensus after years of political ostracism. Includes studies of the linguistic and rhetorical characteristics of Rechovot Ha-Nahar as a model for Hebrew lamentation poetry and as a work that redefines forgotten areas of political and cultural strength necessary for the realization of personal and national salvation. The second section contains documents and some manuscripts of the poet that reveal unknown aspects regarding the creative process behind this work.

This is the second volume in the series Studies and Documents on the Poetry of
Uri Zvi Greenberg. The first book in the series Hamatkonet Vehadmut: Studies on the Poetry of Uri Zvi Greenberg was published in 2000. The third volume, Eyma Gedola Ve-Yareah by Uri Zvi Greenberg: Studies and Documents is in preparation.

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Danacode: 110-20103
ISBN: 965-226-314-1
Categories: Literature Philosophy and Aesthetics Hebrew eBooks
Published: February 2007
Edition: First
Language: Hebrew
17X25 cm
800 gr
316 pages

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Comments: Includes documents and manuscripts of the poet
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ביקורת-האומה, חוברת 170
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