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B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 32B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 32
Edited by
Ely Merzbach

A Treasury of FablesA Treasury of Fables
Revital Refael-Vivante

They Too Are Called HumanThey Too Are Called Human
Menachem Kellner

Bekivshono shel PulmosBekivshono shel Pulmos
Yehuda Friedlander

In the Path of the Hebrew Book - Alei Sefer 26-27In the Path of the Hebrew Book - Alei Sefer 26-27
Edited by
Gila Prebor Dov Schwartz

Radical FaithRadical Faith
Ron Bar lev

A Word of Hope (Piyyut in Tradition 5-6)A Word of Hope (Piyyut in Tradition 5-6)
Edited by
Ephraim Hazan

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B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 32Add to Cart
B.D.D.- Bekhol Derakhekha Daehu 32
Journal of Torah and Scholarship
Edited By Ely Merzbach
September 2017   Paperback   Danacode 110-10718   In Stock

The periodical B.D.D. acts as a vehicle for the dissemination of new ideas, and the expression of different approaches to the interaction between Torah and general scholarship.

Price: $25.00
Internet Price: $21.00

A Treasury of FablesAdd to Cart
A Treasury of Fables
Isaac ibn Sahula's Meshal Haqadmoni (Castile, 1281) - Text and Subtext
By Revital Refael-Vivante
August 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20242   In Stock

A Treasury of Fables is a comprehensive study of the book written by Isaac ibn Sahula in Castile in 1281, which is distinguished by two innovations.

Price: $55.00 Internet Price: $47.00


They Too Are Called HumanAdd to Cart
They Too Are Called Human
Gentiles in the Eyes of Maimonides
By Menachem Kellner
August 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20227   In Stock

According to Maimonides, there is no difference between Jew and Gentile on a human level. This will be proved based on his Mishneh Torah.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Series Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman

Bekivshono shel PulmosAdd to Cart
Bekivshono shel Pulmos
Polemics between Lithuanian Rabbis and Maskilim in the Nineteenth Century
By Yehuda Friedlander
August 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20243   In Stock

This volume, sixth in a series of studies by Prof. Yehuda Friedlander in modern Hebrew literature in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, deals with the cultural-literary uniqueness of the debate between rabbis and maskilim in Lithuania in t...

Price: $49.00 Internet Price: $42.00


In the Path of the Hebrew Book - Alei Sefer 26-27Add to Cart
In the Path of the Hebrew Book - Alei Sefer 26-27
From Sefer Yesira to R. Soloveitchik's Writings
Edited By Gila Prebor Dov Schwartz
August 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-10716   In Stock

This volume is a special issue of Alei Sefer 26-27. The collection of articles deals with various aspects of the design and ways of the Hebrew book.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Journals Alei Sefer

A Word of Hope (Piyyut in Tradition 5-6)Add to Cart
A Word of Hope (Piyyut in Tradition 5-6)
Studies in Poetry and Piyyut Presented to Professor Binyamin Bar-Tikva
Edited By Ephraim Hazan
July 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20244   In Stock

"Davar Tikva" is a collection of studies in the literature of the Middle Ages in the centers of poetry and their branches.

Price: $55.00
Internet Price: $47.00

Radical FaithAdd to Cart
Radical Faith
The Avant-garde Faith of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov
By Ron Bar lev
July 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20245   In Stock

This book offers a new approach to understanding the thought of one of the most fascinating personalities in Hasidism in particular and in Jewish life and thought in general - Rabbi Nachman of Breslov.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Series Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman

On Culture and Cultural CriticismAdd to Cart
On Culture and Cultural Criticism
A Tribute to Avi Sagi
Edited By Dov Schwartz
July 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20240   In Stock

This collection deals with issues of poetry, literature, psychology, philosophy and art.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Series Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman

Love of the ShekhinaAdd to Cart
Love of the Shekhina
Mysticism and Poetics in Tiqqunei ha-Zohar
By Biti Roi
June 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20237   In Stock

This book illuminates one of the most important works in the Kabbalah of the Middle Ages, "Tiqqunei ha-Zohar".

Price: $55.00 Internet Price: $47.00

Series Mahshavot - A Series for Studies in Jewish Thought in Memory of Isidore Friedman

The Fragrance of ParadiseAdd to Cart
The Fragrance of Paradise
Scents, Perfumes and Incense in Jewish Tradition
By Abraham Ofir Shemesh
June 2017   Hardcover   Danacode 110-20239   In Stock

This book deals with a variety of issues related to religion, culture and sociology of the Jewish world in relation to fragrances, perfumes and incense.

Price: $45.00 Internet Price: $38.00

Material Culture

Hebrew Linguistics 71Add to Cart
Hebrew Linguistics 71
A Journal for Hebrew Descriptive, Computational and Applied Linguistics
Edited By Ora R. Schwarzwald
May 2017   Paperback   Danacode 110-10715   In Stock

Hebrew Linguistics publishes scientific articles dealing mainly with the study of contemporary Hebrew, but also with the Hebrew language through the ages.

Price: $17.00 Internet Price: $14.00

Journals Hebrew Linguistics

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