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Lot Casting, God, and Man in Jewish LiteratureLot Casting, God, and Man in Jewish Literature
Shraga Bar-On

Intercultural Meetings in the Moshava SchoolyardIntercultural Meetings in the Moshava Schoolyard
Nirit Raichel Tali Tadmor-Shimony

The Jews in the "Regat" (Old Rumania) Economy 1859-1914The Jews in the "Regat" (Old Rumania) Economy 1859-1914
Dafna Cellier

Reflections on BookloreReflections on Booklore
Edited by
Yigal Schwartz Lilach Nethanel Claudia Rosenzweig

Religious Zionism 4Religious Zionism 4
Edited by
Dov Schwartz

Marriage of Female Minors and Deeds of Marriage Cancellation in Jewish YemenMarriage of Female Minors and Deeds of Marriage Cancellation in Jewish Yemen
Oded Chomey

The Second FloorThe Second Floor
Noga Rosenfarb

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Eli Lederman

Eli Lederman is former Dean of the Faculty of Law. In addition to the courses that he teaches in criminal law, criminal procedure, white collar crime, computer & information law, and corporate & directors liability, he was the director of the TAU Institute of Criminology and Criminal Law from 1988-90, and editor of the TAU Law Review (Hebrew). He has directed special courses for senior law enforcement officers of various government ministries, often lectures at the Institute for Continuing Legal Studies, and is a member of the Public Committee for the Immunity of Members of the Israeli Knesset. He was a research fellow at Michigan University School of Law and a Visiting Prof. at Temple Law School and Tuebingen University School of Law. Prof. Lederman is the author of many articles. He has also co-authored Principles of Criminal Responsibility (Hebrew) and edited other books including Directions in Criminal Liability (Hebrew) and Law, Information and Information Tedchnology. Prof. Lederman serves on the Executive Committee of the Israeli Association of Criminology and served on the Public Committee for the Licensing of Law Colleges. He obtained his LL.B., magna cum laude, from TAU and Ph.D. from Hebrew University.

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Criminal trends Criminal trends
November 2010
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